Saturday, 28 September 2013

Dog Diaries-I


            I was my grandfather's favourite, which meant  all my demands and wishes bypassed  my parents and were directly taken care of by him. It was during one of our conversations  where he was helping unfold my world with his stories, he randomly spoke about dogs! That's where like any other 7 year old, I got excited and asked if we could have one.

Being blessed with a house where space was in abundance, he willingly agreed. The next day we had a Doberman pup, actually I knew  nothing  about its gender or breed (so how do I know the breed? As I grew up, I remember what it looked like - so tried relating its resemblance). I can still relive that moment when I first saw him and held him. He was so tiny, with a smooth black blanket all over him and a  shrunken, twisted tail adding to the cuteness. I named him Puppy (Brownie points to all those who could guess)

            My life changed completely after that! He was with me from morning greetings to the good night cuddle! He was everywhere! I took  the charge to make the new member feel comfortable and welcomed in my huge joint family because of which I had no time for food, homework and studies.

            With time, my parents got and  was threatened that Puppy will be sent away, but with the authority (a.k.a -Grandpa) on my team- I was rest assured  Puppy was here to stay with me. Though my mother was not willing to let me off the hook so easily, she locked Puppy in a room with food to buy me time to do my homework and studies. It’s  said-" Every action has an equal and opposite reaction", I renounced my homework and sat  in front of the door where Puppy was locked and cried and cried endlessly.

This retaliation made my mother open the door and allow us be together again! But later that night everybody tried  talking to me about my craziness, but I was too busy making up for the lost hours of play with Puppy. Looking at my ignorance and prioritization, my family conspired against us. The next day after school, I came rushing home where I was told that Puppy was taken to the hospital for vaccination with my father- that gave me some relief (because if it was for my mother she would have not brought him back from the hospital itself).

Hours passed by, neither Puppy nor my Dad turned up, I was starting to link the whole incident with the story of Hansel and Gretel. At night finally when my father returned he came back all alone! Puppy was gone! Before I could say something he looked at my teary eyed puppy face and explained to me that doctors said he needed some special care. He added that he is too young to be taken away and needs to be with his mother, just like how I am.

With a heavy heart and countless nights spent crying I could sleep with a thought that he was sleeping with his mother and siblings (though secretly I wanted him to be here, but being selfish was a bad thing- that's what my parents kept reminding me)


    Now my conversations  with my Grandpa were filled with his stories and my dog stories. These dog stories did unfold the unconditional love we both shared for dogs!